How to Prepare For Your First Virtual Challenge

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CONGRATULATIONS! You’ve decided to join our community and participate in a virtual challenge. These virtual challenges will help motivate you to accomplish fitness goals whilst having fun. Below are four steps that we recommend taking to start your first virtual challenge.

1: Mobile Set-up

This is done in 3 very quick and easy stages. Firstly, download the Myles app. Available on both iOS and Google Play Store, the Myles app uses cloud-based technology to keep your storage usage on your phone low and to ensure any progress isn’t lost!

Secondly, create a Myles account. We have an incredibly fast sign-up process which shouldn’t take more than a minute. Make sure to check your Junk folder for the verification code just in case. Lastly, connect Myles to your Strava account (this will pop-up automatically). We are working on adding other apps to support Myles like Nike Run and MapMyRun, if you have a suggestion or a platform you’d like us to connect with please let us know!

2: Choose a Challenge

We currently have 10 exciting challenges to choose from which you select from the app (all free). You simply select a solo or group challenge and then choose which challenge you want to complete.

person riding a bike

There is everything from a short dash from Wembley to Buckingham Palace, to the massive US Coast to Coast 5000km+ mega challenge. If you already have a group challenge set up, select Join Existing Group and enter the group ID. These are perfect for offices raising money for charity.

3: Prepare

One of the best things about virtual challenges is the freedom to complete them whenever you want. Before you get going though, you should make sure to fuel up on the right food. If you’re embarking on a long challenge we advise your night-before meal have half grains, one-quarter veggies and the rest with lean protein. Try not to eat too much on the days you are completing the challenges, we like toasted bagels with peanut butter and a banana for a pre-race meal. Remember to keep hydrated throughout and give your body time to recover after a challenge. You may also want to head to the store to pick up any cycling or running gear you might need. Remember, although it’s a virtual challenge, you’re still participating in exercise activity and you want to make sure you’re equipped appropriately.

4: Start!

Turn on your Strava and get going! The progress bar will let you know how far through your challenge you and your group are. Click on the Map to see how far through the challenge you are and on the Detailed Report for a comprehensive breakdown of your challenges progress. If you’re participating in a group challenge then let your team know and if it’s for charity then make sure to keep your donors updated with your progress by screenshotting and sharing the map.

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