My first long Extreme Virtual Challenge: Icelandic Loop


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In the month of May 2020, a friend of mine and I were due to embark on the Edinburgh Marathon. We’ve been friends for a long time and ‘fitness partners’ so excited to take on the challenge. For obvious reasons (a global pandemic) the marathon was ‘suspended’ (cancelled). Fast forward 5 months and we have a 10 day trip planned to drive around the border of Iceland.


Just a week before our trip was due to begin, the Icelandic government imposed a self-isolation policy for 5 days! Meaning we would only have 3 days of actual travelling, definitely not enough to do the whole icelandic loop! We decided that it wasn’t worth doing the whole trip just for 3 days of travelling and cancelled the flights.

We were still in the mood for a challenge however and as luck would have it, the Icelandic Loop is on the Myles app! It’s certainly no replacement for actually being there but it’s definitely given us something to continue to work towards. The total loop is 675km which is obviously a fair distance so we’ve set ourselves the challenge of doing it as a group (running) in under 30 days. We’ve just finished and feel an incredible sense of achievement, I can definitely say I’m much happier to wait for a trip away to Iceland now until isolation rules have been relaxed.

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