Why Do a Virtual Challenge?

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A virtual challenge is a goal which enables you to complete fitness tasks whether it be walking, running or cycling.

Get fit

Completing a virtual fitness challenge is the perfect way of keeping motivated whilst getting fit! You can use virtual challenges to complete long term fitness goals that otherwise may suffer from loss of momentum. The 5000km+ US Coast to Coast on the Myles app for instance is a great challenge to set yourself over a number of months (or years).

Complete whenever you want

Taking part in a physical race is certainly a great experience, however they are very time consuming. With race time, warm up and travel included challenges can take days, weeks or months to complete. By doing a virtual challenge you are given the freedom to complete it whenever you want. This can help you work around a tight work schedule and not have to book days off. It also means that there’s no pressure to finish the challenge in one go and complete it at your own pace.

Complete wherever you want

First releasing the Myles app as a result of the covid pandemic, it is the perfect way to avoid large crowds and races that are jammed pack of runners and cyclists. You can trace your progress on the map to show you where you are but without the need to travel long distances to different countries which can be expensive and dangerous.


Most challenges cost at least £50 to enter, some hundreds, and that’s not including travel or hotel costs for races. We want fitness challenges to be fun and accessible so there will always be free challenges available on the Myles app, there are 10 free ones to complete now!

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